Aros Odyssey 2012

Aros is original operating system for amiga computers, for many years developing for modern systems, the most supported architecture is x86 Intel and Amd, odyssey 2012 is my personal project based on old distribution of icaros desktop, the 1.4

 The Desktop


Commercially speaking it is a hobby operating system, born from the free time of some programmers, so no comparison with today's os, there is a greater distribution currently that is icaros desktop, you can try it on your computer and see if you like it, my distribution is oriented on systems that have a few years: "I would say even more than a few years behind", I had trouble starting the latest versions of icaros on my computers, so I have too many already around the house: "Oh well this is a reason a little relative", however, given that it is a pity not to be able to use a system that still has all the papers in order, to be productive: "I'm not talking about a 486".

The Software

The reference program, like all major os is the browser, well, we have one available that reflects the navigation standards, sore point: "on my distribution it does not support video playback", only with an external application is You can view the contents of youtube: "it is being processed", and with another the contents of some TV channels via the web, listen to CDs and watch DVDs.

For the office and graphics level we must use the old but still effective applications that came out many years ago for amiga computers, using the uae emulator and benefiting from all the features that an emulator can offer: "We will basically use the top of the range of an amiga even if not real ".
I talked to you precisely that Aros is an obsystic system and then you have to make do as you can, then currently many programmers have left the scene and then everyone does as he can, even here.

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